Precision Auto Body Paint in Virginia Beach, VA

When you are driving on the road, your vehicle's paint is usually the first thing people notice. After damage to your auto, the experts at Lee Pappas Body Shop in Virginia Beach VA provide quality paint jobs from small dents to scratches. Our paint matches your vehicle's original color and finish. We have technicians trained to paint any type of vehicle after repairs are made.

The Art of Auto Painting & Car Refinishing

Preparation is key when it comes to painting a vehicle. Our team takes precautions and prepares the surface by making sure it is clean and removing all dirt. Then a primer is added and the surface is sanded down if needed to begin painting. Our paint mixing partners will mix colors to match the vehicle's color and then our technitions will spray the vehicle.
Car Painting — in Virginia Beach, VA

Why Hire Lee Pappas Body Shop For Your Auto Paint

  1. We Get the Job Done Right. Our professional auto painters have years of experience and will do an exceptional job over someone who is not properly certified.
  2. We Pay Attention to Detail. The team has been painting vehicles for years. The experience has taught them what to look for in every type of car.
  3. We Have the Proper Equipment and Tools. We have a variety of car painting tools needed to create the look you desire.
  4. We Make Your Vehicle Look New Again. We match the color to your vehicle so when you drive out, it will look like new.
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