Auto Repair Center in Virginia Beach, VA

Lee Pappas Body Shop in Virginia Beach, VA repairs major and minor auto damage on every make and model that comes to us. Our auto repair shop has the skill to fix dents, lights, frames, and more. Here are some of our auto body repair areas:
Car With Dents — Auto body shop in Virginia Beach, VA


Dents can be anywhere on your car's body and in a variety of sizes. Our team finds all the dents and quickly repairs the area by bringing the crushed area back to its original surface.
Car Bumpers — Auto body shop in Virginia Beach, VA


Bumpers protect your vehicle's structure and are usually the first part of the vehicle to absorb any impact. Our team can recondition your bumper to eliminate any dents, scratches, and scrapes.
Car Fender — Auto body shop in Virginia Beach, VA


The fender is the part of your car that frames a wheel to prevent sand, mud, rocks from being thrown into the air by the tire. Our team repairs the fender to bring it back to its original look.

Storm Damage Repairs

A hail storm can really cause damage to your vehicle. Bring it to us to remove any evidence that hail ever struck your car.

Custom Refinishing

Want a different look to your vehicle? We can add stripes and designs to your auto's exterior for a custom look. Call us today for more information 757-428-7535.